by Astraeus

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    Artwork by: Bryan Shepard https://www.facebook.com/rainingbrains

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released August 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Astraeus Charleston, West Virginia

Formed in the spring of 2012, Astraeus set out to bring a unique blend of crushing detuned rhythms, beautiful ambient clean guitars, mind-bending technical drums, and sexy bass grooves. With the release of their debut EP "Solipsis" behind them, they're already working on their sophomore EP.

Artwork by: Bryan Shepard at Raining Brains www.facebook.com/rainingbrains
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Track Name: Pt I: Transfixed Estate
Written By: Matt Turkington

Awaken, this state of confusion
In the distance apparitions unveil these clues...

Receiving hints among these withered lines, I have been gone for some time
I have been here for some time

All I have is this memory
Locked inside my head and left to be on my own

Transfixed on the sky, my how it’s changed... Has it forgotten me or have I just been so blind?
Where am I now?

Paralyzed in this present state Reveal to me the man I truly am

The man I am

Track Name: Pt II: Disclosure
Written by: Matt Turkington

Please forgive me
I know not who you are
Have we made exchanges before?
Your wounded eyes tells me so much

Can you hear my cries?
Please read my thoughts
Bring the mirror unto me
So that I may assess what you perceive

You know my name
I’m broken without memories

Unable to reflect
Please bring me the mirror
So that I might see

Who is this empty man which I gaze upon?
Soulless expressions painted in pale pastel
Track Name: Pt III: Ghost of Clarity
Written by: Matt Turkington

As I look into the mirror it’s all coming back to me now
Man of self preservation and disregard for another
Faint traces of anguish from you, who watches me fade away

Oh the pain that spewed from my heart
You deserved none of it, what is your name?

Tell me now, how have I hurt you?
Let me know for what it’s worth...
Wrestling with these emotions (I must pay)
It’s clear to me now

Betrayal of trust, I pulled you down
Woven within my net, I let you drown
Stealing from you which is dear to your heart
It will never be the same

You’ve been waiting such a long time
To confront the ghost of your crooked past
Here I lay before you weakened and defenseless
Do with me as you see fit

I said kill me

(The choice is yours)
(You’ve been waiting such a long time)
Track Name: Pt IV: The Offering
Written by: Matt Turkington

In this moment, so silent
A standoff with fate
The air so thick
Hesitation has your hands

“You must kill me”

Will I die here all alone?
A broken man to fall upon this poison sword May the hands of justice wring my neck
Let me stare into your eyes as the light fades away

Such waves of sorrow (such waves of pain)
To make you suffer for my own gains
I was wrong all along
So make this right
Send me home

Will I die here all alone?
A broken man to fall upon this poison sword May the hands of justice wring my neck
Let me stare into your eyes as the light fades away
Track Name: Pt V: Means To An End
Written By: Matt Turkington

The weight of this world, I have placed upon you
A burden to bear that has haunted you
For this I truly regret

A means to an end you draw from your coat
Could this be the end of us both?
There's only so much one can take

Time has come full circle
A debt I assume to pay
Long forgotten mistakes, they've found their way to me

I thought at first you'd come for me
But something in your eyes it misleads me
I'd rather die than lie with this
A cold steel barrel you gently kiss, it's you...

Death created time to grow the things it kills
Oh the rush, to accept the fate
I gladly submit to you, my bleeding heart
I beg of you to take me, take me in your place

Perception that was built upon a lie
A planted seed to spoil the mind
Such evil things I can attest
I beg of you to take me, take me in your place

Hesitation has your hands
Do as you see fit
Track Name: Pt VI: Endless Circles
Written by: Matt Turkington

Falling into the ground
You’ve altered fate before my eyes, here and now
I never thought it could get worse
True will of a heart in pain

Nothing I could have said would change your mind
You’ve chosen to end your life


The blood flows as crimson curtains closing for an audience of one
It’s true, I watched them burn, I left them for dead
Dancing in the ember light laughing till darkness took me


Walking endless circles in fields of fire
Walking endless circles in fields of fire
Left to waste away, seared memories in my mind
I must die with this, oh how the damage is done
Walking endless circles in fields of fire

I should have walked within the flames
True freedom lies beyond a shallow grave